How to Select, Wear, and Clean Your Mask

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people wear masks in public settings. Such as public and mass transportation, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people.

How to Select your Mask

You have many choices when selecting a mask; we want to share with you some dos and don’ts:

DO choose masks that:

  • Be sure that your mask has two or more layers of washable and breathable fabric. 
  • Your mask should cover your nose and mouth completely.
  • Be sure that your mask fits snugly against the sides of your face, and they do not have any gaps.

DO NOT choose masks that: are made of fabric that makes it hard to breathe, for example, vinyl; have exhalation valves or vents which allow virus particles to escape; are intended for healthcare workers, including N95 respirators or surgical masks.

How to Wear your Mask

  • Be sure to wear your mask frequently and adequately for your protection.
  • Be sure you have washed your hands before putting on your mask.
  • Do wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. It should protect under your chin and snugly against the sides of your face.

How NOT to wear a mask

  • Around your neck
  • On your forehead
  • Under your nose
  • Only on your nose
  • On your chin 
  • Remember: Do NOT touch the mask when wearing it.

How to take off a mask

  • Untie the strings behind your head or stretch the ear loops carefully. 
  • Handle only by the ear loops or tie.
  • Fold outside corners together. 
  • Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing and wash hands immediately after removing.

How to Clean

  • Masks should be washed regularly. Always remove masks correctly and wash your hands after handling or touching a used mask.
  • Include your mask with your regular laundry
  • Use regular laundry detergent and the warmest appropriate water setting for the cloth used to make the mask.
  • Use the highest heat setting and leave in the dryer until completely dry.


  • Wear masks with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19
  • Wear the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin
  • Masks should be worn by people two years and older.
  • Masks should NOT be worn by children younger than two, people who have trouble breathing, or people who cannot remove the mask without assistance.
  • Do NOT wear masks intended for healthcare workers, for example, N95 respirators.

We are working hard to create a safe environment for everyone.


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