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We source and distribute top-quality personal protective equipment and safety supplies at the best pricing on the market.

All products shipped from warehouse in USA

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Top-quality products

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We are WeShield

Our promise is to deliver environmentally friendly safety products and services at a competitive price and time.

We Shield provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety Supplies to organizations and businesses that value people for what they are, their most valued asset. This equipment offering includes technologically advanced and environmentally friendly solutions that are designed to keep people safe.


I don’t usually write product reviews but I’ve decided to write this one for people who are looking for affordable high-quality safety products for their business, In WeShield I was able to find everything quickly, easily, and most importantly, at a great price.
Ken M.
I purchased Mask and Gloves from WeShield. It was a very simple and quick process for COVID-19-related products. I’m very happy with the service! I will be returning.
Siobhan L.

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