About Us

Who We Are?

We are entrepreneurs helping our community

WeShield was founded by a group of social entrepreneurs with a strong desire to help those in crisis against the backdrop of the pandemic. The initial goal was driven by scarcity and an overburdened and ineffective supply chain. WeShield faced these issues head-on to create a more efficient sourcing and procurement model that was built on personal relationships and scaled to meet a global need to keep the workforce safe, especially those fighting on the front line against COVID-19.

Being at the epicenter of this world health crisis and interacting with friends and families who lacked adequate safety resources we had no choice but to take action. Once we understood the realities of price-gouging and learned about hospitals and government agencies receiving defective PPE and safety supplies, we joined forces and created WeShield.

Today, WeShield provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Safety Supplies, Construction Supplies, and Disaster Relief Supplies to organizations and businesses that value people as their most valuable asset.

Our mission & vision

We are committed to exceptional quality products & services

We source and distribute only the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing. We understand the importance of creating a global community and serving you with an acute awareness of our social and environmental responsibility. 

At WeShield we believe in a world where people deserve to work without risk to their well-being, and we endeavor every day to make this a reality. We are committed to creating a safer and cleaner environment for everyone. Our network of supplies and highly trained logistics team enables us to serve you with the products you need when you need them driven by a concierge customer service model.


“We don’t usually leave reviews, but we’ve decided to write this one to help other business owners who are looking for high-quality and affordable safety products for their business. With We Shield you will find great products at unmatched rates”.

Ken M.

“We can’t recommend We Shield enough!!! Our company runs a chain of more than 50 stores nationwide and thanks to We Shield we were able to guarantee a continuous supply of safety products for all our employees”.

Siobhan L.

Roman Vintfeld - CEO

Roman Vintfeld, an accomplished business leader, philanthropist, and innovator based in Puerto Rico, is the CEO of WeShield. With a career steeped in AI and ML, he drives supply chain, marketing, and sales growth through cutting-edge technology. WeShield, under Roman’s leadership, aims to revolutionize supply chain management with AI and ML, enhancing efficiency and resilience. Comprising a diverse portfolio of brands, the organization uses proprietary technology to address supply chain vulnerabilities.