Ambulance kits

About the product
STANDARD KIT INCLUDES: CAT tourniquet Curl of Gauze Hemostatic Gauze Israeli Bandage Nasopharyngeal Airway Chest Seal Puncture Needle Eye Wash Antiseptic Wipes Blanket Fracture Plywood Traingular Bandage First Aid Bandage Burn Gel and Cream Adhesive Plaster Tape Eye Pad Gloves Notebook Scissors Flashlight Infusion Tube

DELUXE KIT INCLUDES: 2 CAT Tourniquets Trauma Dressing 2 Hyfin Chest Vents QuickClot Combat Gauze Nasopharyngeal Airway Oropharyngeal Airway Gel Laryngeal Mask Hemostatic Gauze iTclamp Junctional Tourniquet Pelvic Binder OAIES TacMed Surgical Airway Suction Device Burn Dressing Sked Basic Rescue System Splint Survival Wrap Tactic Gloves Tactical Belt Headlight Socks 2 Armor Helmets

PREMIUM KIT INCLUDES: 2 CAT tourniquets 2 NAR compressed gauze 2 Hemostatic Dressing 5 Trauma Dressing 2 Nasopharyngeal Airways 2 Hyfin Chest Vent Two Packs 2 ARS, Cyclone BVM 2 Needless Saline Locks 2 Bags IV Solution 2 Blankets 2 SAM Splints 2 Triangular Bandages 2 Elastic Bandages Cervical Collar 4 Burn Dressings 10 Antiseptic Wipes 10 Fabric Bandages Stetho-Scope Field Corpsman Kit 2 Surgical Tape 3 Eye Shields 5 Bear Claw Gloves 2 NAR PPE Kits 2 Combat Casualty Response Cards Sharpies Trauma Shears Duct Tape Flashlight Rescue Hook Sharps Shuttle 2 Baxter IV Tubing