WeShield Analyzes CDC Operational Strategy for K-12 Schools through Phased Prevention

Build Your Plan in Adherence of Latest CDC Guidelines with WeShield

Schools are an essential part of the foundation of communities. Faculty, parents, guardians, and caregivers are employed by these organizations to provide safe and supportive learning environments for students. Because of school building closures and virtual and hybrid learning, many students, staff, and caregivers are either missing or have had services interrupted. Evidence suggests that many K–12 schools with strictly implemented prevention strategies have been able to open for in-person instruction and remain open safely.

The CDC has created guidelines for preventing COVID-19 and slowing its spread to help K–12 school administrators. In K–12 schools, the opening of in-person instruction can be safely accomplished if prevention strategies are strictly adhered to. As part of a package of prevention and control components, this document provides an operational plan for safe delivery of in-person education in K–12 schools:

• Consistent implementation of layered prevention strategies to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission in schools

• Consideration of indicators of community transmission to reflect levels of community risk

• Phased prevention strategies based on levels of community transmission

The following public health initiatives provide COVID-19 protection in schools:

• Testing to identify individuals with a SARS-CoV-2 infection to limit transmission and outbreaks

• Vaccination for teachers and staff as soon as possible

As schools plan and implement comprehensive prevention strategies, engage community partners, and provide referrals to medical care, companies like WeShield offer proper PPE and medical supplies. School administrators can work together to support in-person learning. To slow the spread of COVID-19 among people inside the school and in the broader community, these schools should have the resources and technical assistance they need.

Join WeShield as we navigate the newest CDC operational strategy through phased prevention. As a leading distributor of personal protective equipment and medical supplies, we remain dedicated to providing the essential items needed to stay safe and giving the public critical Covid-19 updates. Stay tuned for our next post, where we go over Health Equity Considerations, as brought to us by the CDC.