Report fraud

As a leader in the PPE industry, WeShield™ is working directly with the Department of Justice to address rampant fraud affecting our sector. We believe the real power is in working collectively by sharing all our stories of unchecked deception. We endeavor to demand that the US Federal Government act on our combined behalf and support us in recovering our lost revenue and goods. 

We know we are not alone nor are we the only victims and we want you to know you are not either. If you or your company has been defrauded by any entity or independent vendor during the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to help. 

Transparency, collaboration, and an unwillingness to back down is the key to our success. We will share the information and details of your incident(s) with the proper authorities to raise awareness and seek potential reparation.

While there are no guarantees, we feel it is important to bring attention to these transgressions and demand justice.

Shielding communities. Creating resiliency.

By entering this information, you agree to allow WeShield to share your information with any government agency or advocacy group that will work collectively and, on your behalf, to collect/recover any damages.

Your personal information and any information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and will only be shared with the proper authorities.  WeShield will not use this information to market to you nor sell this information to any third-party platform

By Sharing this information, you understand and agree that WeShield does not guarantee you will receive any compensation for any lost goods or services.