Promoting COVID-19 Safety and Hygiene Guidelines to Keep Clients Safe Throughout the Pandemic

The state response to the COVID-19 pandemic requires everyone to work jointly, especially when it comes to endorsing safe business and workplace practices. Business owners have the duty to protect their customers and community during the coronavirus pandemic. By maintaining themselves well-informed on recommendations from the CDC, Department of Labor and OSHA, business owners can limit the spread of the virus and protect vulnerable members of their community from getting infected while still operating their company.

Reopening Businesses

Reopening principles following the COVID-19 outbreak involves many special activities: deep cleaning, air quality, continuous disinfection and compliance with all official safety and health routines. It’s key to ensure that this information is transmitted to the public in a transparent manner. For this to happen, facility managers can check their establishments into Place Checkup and complete the compliance with safety guidelines questionnaire. They can then download their “COVID-19 Prevention Badge” so they can share it online or have it on display physically.

In this first stage of reopening, the platform will allow facilities to conduct audits and print certification badges. Soon, anyone will be able to access real-time information on safety and health guidelines, COVID-19 prevention measures and whether businesses are following recommended protocols. Until then, customers can report facilities that are not following the protocols and register to be notified once the app goes live through the platforms’ website.

How to Keep Both Employees and Customers Safe

Because COVID-19 spreads so fast before symptoms begin to show, the CDC suggested that all people practice social distancing by avoiding crowds. This means that businesses where many people come and go each day are especially susceptible to have an outbreak because people who would otherwise not interact come into close contact. People can propagate COVID-19 without realizing that they are carrying it, so employees and customers will need to take additional precautions to avoid contributing to an outbreak.

Business owners should anticipate employees calling in sick more often and prepare for less customers and temporary closures. Coronavirus outbreaks can last weeks or months depending on different factors including community response procedures, so taking precautions can make an impact on how quickly your community recovers. While the impact of COVID-19 prevention measures may slow down business and the economy in general, an uncontrolled outbreak could result in a much more severe disruption of business activities.

Premature intervention is crucial to slow down the spread of the virus and diminish the impact of the pandemic on your business. If COVID-19 has not yet take over your community, creating an action plan can prepare you to make the necessary changes to your business practices for keeping your employees and customers safe. At We Shield we work hard to create a safe and clean environment for everyone by sourcing and distributing top-quality PPE and safety supplies at the best pricing on the market.